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Dane Campbell, President, T3CHCOMPDane Campbell, President
Selecting the right equipment for waste material processing at a positive value can be a daunting process. Many organizations often lack the necessary expertise to evaluate waste processing solutions and identify the one that fits their specific need. T3CHCOMP, a technical consulting and system engineering company, provides that insight. The company supports businesses that focus on daily production to process waste materials, by providing them with the highest level of engineering expertise and knowledge. To that end, T3CHCOMP offers its extensive experience in recycling equipment, waste processing machines, and waste management technology available in the waste management industry. “We enable our clients to make the best judgment while deploying new equipment or a process,” mentions Dane Campbell, President of the company. With his thirty years of experience in custom engineered systems, he supports many large independent and corporate recycling companies in the country.

Today T3CHCOMP offers several practical solutions to answer the challenges of the waste management industry. In the case of organic waste for instance, it is one of the major causes of methane emissions, prompting several state governments to bring new mandates to recycle such material dumped in landfills. Consequently, recycling, processing, and handling of organic waste has been a long-standing concern for state and local governments. And while many companies want to find a solution to this issue, they fail to choose the right one because of a lack of relevant experience in the matter. Here, T3CHCOMP uses their background, to help their clients find the best solution to process this organic waste. Depending on the type of material and the location, the company can formulate the perfect strategy for the client, be it to turn organic waste into compost, animal feed, or convert them to energy. Whatever the goal, T3CHCOMP understands that no two customers’ requirements are the same, and leverages a unique client onboarding process to refine their offerings.

The first step in their process starts with a conversation. This helps T3CHCOMP as certain if a client’s goals are practically and financially feasible.
Following this, the company accesses the client’s data related to waste management and begins formulating a viable solution. Typically, T3CHCOMP will then present a report to the client, which consists of a simple CAD file and a process flow diagram outlining their plan. Subsequently, the company assesses the risks and financial constraints associated with the project and finds the proper equipment specifications to shortlist available equipment technologies. In most cases, clients would require a series of machines, and very rarely can one system supplier provide all the best in class machines needed for a particular project.

Additionally, when it comes to choosing the final solution for a client, T3CHCOMP will also look for ways to reduce the costs by considering factors such as system inbound and outbound material hauling, tip floor management, and operational expenditures. Once the machines or system is ready for purchase, the company supports the client throughout the purchasing process, design reviews and the various terms and conditions of the contract.

Finally, after the equipment reaches the site, T3CHCOMP’s engineers support the client in installing and powering up the machines, and performs dry cycle testing to ensure that all the safety features are configured correctly. In addition, they will also verify operator scope aspects such as building permits, electricity, lighting, ventilation, and more. At the end of this process, the team performs wet commissioning and monitors the working and performance of the machines.
  • We enable companies to make the best judgments while deploying the newest and highest level of technologies into their new or existing operation

In one instance, Campbell designed, sold, installed and commissioned an $11 million construction and demolition recycling project, where he leveraged AI and robotics technologies. Campbell was the lead engineer who supported the client throughout the project, and developed best practices to process the construction materials for the client. He helped the client source the most robust equipment required to process the materials and deployed them successfully in record time. “As an-experienced process engineer, I have worked on many multi-million projects, not individual products,” mentions Campbell.

Such success stories stem from Campbell’s deep knowledge and experience in designing and developing hightech processing systems to maximize operational efficiencies and product yield. Campbell has an accredited engineering degree, with many successful years of work experience in process design, machine design, and system design, for the three top automation companies in North America. He has created solutions for major vertically integrated waste management corporations across NorthAmerica, Europe, and the Middle East. Fortified by an early career in detailed processing system design engineering makes him uniquely qualified to help customers efficiently select the best technologies to process recyclables, organics, and other solid and liquid waste feedstock to meet intended technical specifications. And although many clients approach him for his services, he commits to just three or four projects at a time. This enables him to spend ample time on a particular project and serve his clients better. More importantly, he has worked for clients in Saudi Arabia, Finland, California, and New York, and has a very detailed understanding of this field. Campbell leverages this experience and brings his 30 years of exceptional system engineering design and evaluation skills to serve his clients.


Albany, Oregon

Dane Campbell, President

T3CHCOMP supports companies by providing them the highest level of engineering expertise and knowledge about recycling equipment, processes and associated technology available in the waste management industry

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